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New adventures ahead

April 16th, 2015 · Editorial

Loves, we're pausing the blog for a couple of weeks. We're super excited for whats in front of us, this will just be the beginning of something absolutely amazing. Keep the 22'nd of May in your minds.

Until then, lots of love

Mira & Thilda

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April 5th, 2015 · Editorial

 Jacket - Vintage / Pants - Levi's 501 / Shoes - Dr.Martens / Bag - Sandqvist

We've always had a thing for the warmth and the sun, and if we had to choose between endless landscapes of beaches and turquoise water and snowy white landscapes, the choice would be easy... But this.

A frozen stillness, like time has stopped and whats left is only what's now and here.


April 2nd, 2015 · Editorial

 Sweater - This is First Base / Pants - Levi's 501 / Shoes - Dr.Martens / Bag - Sandqvist

Without telling anyone where we were going we went on a small path that would take us to a cabin next to a lake. 7 km, it should take us about 3 hours of walking to the cabin, "3 hours, the calculated time most be for retired people" we laughed out loud on our way there, "we'll make it on 1,5".

With a smile on our faces and six bags packed with all the necessities we could imagine bringing with us (5 kimonos, 2 cameras, 2 computers, 3 pairs of Levi's jeans, hats, 4 dresses and 13 cans, 3 kilos of fish, 18 eggs and the most important: chocolate) we started walking. We didn't have a clue of what was ahead of us. How we thought we would die in the dark along a slippery rock face in what resembled the heart of Mordor.

The path we set out on went straight up the first hour, through streams and along rock walls. The light began to get dark, and after two hours we hadn't even reached halfway point. Our shoes were soaking wet after all wading across streams and pulsing in the snow and we were completely physically exhausted. After every hill we were hoping that we would catch sight of the lake where the house would be on the other side or the path we followed would be. There was never any lake.

When we crossed a bridge that we were told that the gypsies had built for over two hundred years ago we saw a glimpse of the lake and two small houses in the distance. At a frozen waterfall where the end of the joined a hole in the ice dark as night in the frozen lake that we had to cross to get up, I believed in proper that we should die. So many questions that whizzed through our heads..

We could barely see our feet in front of us in the dark and when we finally didn't have to walk along the mountains and came to what we thought was our little house, it turned out to be a huge rock instead.. At this time it was completely dark around us. After four hours we finally found our little cabin. It took us two hours to get the fire started in the house because of the minus degrees (the house was in a valley on a lake high up on a mountain top).

But when we woke up, we woke up in a winter paradise. Maybe you have to be so close to death to feel alive again.

On tha road

March 30th, 2015 · Travel

Here is a visual summary up from the past week. We've been living in the mountains in Norway for a couple of days without any connection to the rest of the world, no electricity, no wi-fi, no receptions to our phones. Just us and the incredibly beautiful nature. It took us 18 hours of driving to get there and 4 hours of hiking before we finally reached the cabin high up in a valley on a mountain top.

Now we have changed the snowy landscape of Norway for roof tops and spring in Paris.