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The black cape

November 28th, 2014 · Editorial

 Cape - Ixiah / Hat - Lack of Color  

Oh how we miss this dino country where everything that grows is four times as big as here in Scandinavia. We're talking about Australia of course. It's hard to think that almost one year have passed us by since we went to this amazing country for the very first time. Now, when the darkness are holding Sweden in a stranglehold we can't stop dreaming of going back. Soon. But frist: Istanbul, Berlin (for the eight time!) and then, Australia (girls gotta dream, right?).

To travel is the best thing we know in the world. To see new things, discover new places and meet new people and get lost in the nature.

Getting the greens

November 27th, 2014 · Lifestyle

We have a little bit of a thing for homemade juices, they are so easy to make and you can almost feel how every cell in your body loves you for drinking them..

This green one is one of our very favorites for now. Since it's kale season here in Sweden (and kale is one of the most healthy greens that you can boost your body with) we're putting kale in everything. In this little devil is made of green apples, lemon, cinnamon, ginger and of course the kale leafs.. nom nom nom

Last daze of disco

November 26th, 2014 · Inspiration

 Aaron Feaver for Stoned Immaculate Vintage 

If pictures could speak.. Found this amazing turtorial of one of our favorite brands, Stoned Immaculate Vintage.
We'll always be huge fans of the 70's and this campaign just makes us wanna lay on a yellow towel in front of a turquoise pool and zip on a drink before we're jumping into our wide pants and out in the night.. Or, like they describe it themselves;

" The year is 1978, it’s Saturday night & we’ve got the fever. Take a trip back to the Summer of ’78 where roller babes & disco queens rule the City of Angels with chunky platforms, oversized sunnies, swimsuits & shag coats. They sleep in until noon & spend their days by the pool sipping over-embelshied cocktails."

The moon lives in the lining of your skin

November 25th, 2014 · Editorial

 Top - Black Milk / Shorts - Arnhem Clothing

We remember this day so clearly. We had been living in our van in Byron Bay for the last four weeks and it was time for us to leave that beautiful little piece of paradise. The temperature exceeded 30 and for those who didn't have a van with a proper AC (our van was about 20 years young he he) you needed to stop quite often to take a swim to survive the heat.

We got to know about this healing lake just a short drive from Byron and even though it wasn't cold enough to cool you down, it was a beautiful experience. The water was dark, so dark brown that you barely could see your own legs under the surface and the water was kind of oily because of all the tea trees growing beside the lake but after taking that bath the skin was smooth as a baby's tips tips for all of you who are living in a old van without a AC close to Byron Bay!