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Happy birthday babycake

August 27th, 2014 · Editorial

Ever since we started 365, almost four years ago, my title of Thilda's birthday post have remain the same, so why begin with something new?

The time is flying and when I'm looking back in our archive I can't believe that we have done so many beautiful things together within just one year. We visited Berlin six times, Monaco, Paris, Australia and in 10 days we're climbing mountains (...or the car will do most of the work for us) in Iceland and then in the beginning of October we're going back to Berlin again.

Since we are spending most of our waking hours together (working, living, drinking, exploring new cities, meeting new people and eating together), we now have so many memories together, and it feels so damn good to have this blog as a reminder of what we have done, and to have you guys as our biggest support. That's the best gift in the world.

So happy birthday my love, the other half of 365, my sister, my best friend, the other half of my book club, my partner in crime, my traveling partner and the only one I know that loves falafel more than I do.

Keep clear

August 21st, 2014 · Editorial

 Pants - Lenni the Label / Jacket - vintage / Boots - FRYE

Here is some snapshots from the sunset in China Town, Sydney.

PS. Do we even have to tell you have comfortable these pants from Lenni the Label are?  


August 21st, 2014 · Travel

We will always remember the feeling that flushed over us when the sound of this song hit our ears for the first time. It was like we were flying. It's pretty amazing when a song hit you so hard that everything else around you disappears.

And then you listen to it again, again and again. And every time you turn that song on, it doesn't matter where you, what you are doing, or what time it is, because it takes you someplace else.

It was a few years ago that we first discovered Sigur Ros. That band really opened our eyes for Iceland (you have to look at the music videos, they are pure magic). So one recent afternoon we decided to book a flight to the volcanic island in the far north of the atlantic ocean.

We now long to once again get lost with a car and have nothing except the wilderness, our camera and ourselves.
We've been longing for adventures for quite some time now (haha that is almost everything we write about here, so it's about time that we actually go on some) Adventures that includes just the wilderness and the freedom that comes with it when you have nothing except yourself and the nature. To listen to the sound of silence and let mother nature itself blow you away time after another. Mmmm, can't wait to show you Iceland from our perspective, shooted through our lens within a few weeks.


PS. We heard that they recorded parts of GOT there, so if any of you could tell us where John Snow is hiding that would be great...)

Surry hills

August 18th, 2014 · Editorial

Jumpsuit - Kate Moss x TopshopHat - Lack of Color / Necklace - Swarovski 

We snapped these pictures above in Sydney in late May when the autumn sun still warmed our cheeks.
It was just a few days before we flew back right into the blooming spring in Sweden.

We took our first steps in Australia in early January when the icy winter surrounded Stockholm. To escape the cold like that and jump into the summer was the best thing we have done.. we love that way of living. We belong to those who wish that the whole year only consisted spring and summer rather then the darkness and cold. We can't help ourselves wishing that the summer was eternal now when the cold air is sweeping over Stockholm again.