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April 19th, 2014 · Editorial

◈ Necklaces; Top & Second bottom - Swarovski 12

Big Crystal - Myee Carlyle Ring - Spell & the Gypsy Collective / Jacket - Vintage 

Once upon a time, we preferred minimalism when it came to jewelry. But after having a huge problem (sarcasm intended) to choose, we thought; what the heck, more is more and less is bore. With all this beauty laying around my neck, it felt like walking around like a living treasure Chest. The favorite one though, is the smallest little neckless with just one beautiful pearl on, from Swarovski. I’ve happened to live in that one since I first tried it on. When I find something I like… I just can’t stop wearing it.

For the very first time in three months we found ourselves freezing - but like the Swedes we are, we are well prepared. Walking around the streets in our woolen coats from colder climes, dressed from top to toe in black (very Scandinavian) - but hey, those who wears black lives colorful lives? This coat above is an exception though. We found it in an OP shop in Brunswick, Melbourne. For the same price as two falafel (yes, we always count and compare prizes in falafels as the true falafel lovers we are).

The pearls from today

April 16th, 2014 · Travel

Strolling around on the streets of Sydney a sunny Wednesday in April is like balm for your soul. There is something going on in every corner, and when your feet tells you that they have ro rest a bit you have heaps of beautiful cafe's to choose from. We walked by two crazy talented boys who where playing on the streets in a band called Winterbourne. We got stuck there for 30 minutes, just listening. But no matter how beautiful and seductive this city is, we're longing for endless roads and mind blowing landscapes again. To live a life on wheels and drive wherever you want to, whenever you feel for it are the definition of totally freedom.

Lady of jewelry

April 15th, 2014 · Editorial

Necklaces; Top & Second bottom - Swarovski 1, 2 / Big Crystal - Myee Carlyle Ring - Spell & the Gypsy Collective / Jacket - Vintage 

A sneak peak from todays shoot, dressed in a ensemble of red and heavy jewelry around my neck.
Soon we will hit the road again for a few days, to search for the most beautiful light and the most mind blowing places to run wild at.

Don't park here

April 14th, 2014 · Editorial

Top & Skirt - Backstage Clothing  / Shoes - Frye Henry Kole Leather jacket - Hoi Polloi / Glasses - Zero UV  

Really loving the minimal look these days with crisp whites and old leather. Found these beautiful white summer dreams at Backstage's upcoming collection. Wooaa, we are going to wear these pieces so much when we are heading to European summer within a few months.

We snapped these photos a week ago when we where walking around at the streets of Brunswick (Oh, Melbourne, we miss you already). Sometimes simplicity is ultimate form of sophistication, as Nicole Warne once said.