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Everyday’s an endless stream Of cigarettes and magazines


|| Lingerie – Mom’s / Shorts – American Apparel / Shoes – Sixty Seven ||

When you are living in a country that is cold and dark more than 6 months a year,
it is kind of funny how easy you get used to the warmth and the blue sky.
Monaco treated us so good in so many different ways and
even tough that country (it’s a country with 8000 citizens(!)) maybe not match our way of living,

we’ll always keep the memory of that city – the swaying palm trees and the orange sky just before
the sun goes down to let the night take over – close to our hearts.
Perhaps more now than ever,
when darkness devours more and more of the days in Stockholm.

But we must say, home is always home.
And it feels good to be here again.

”Home, where my thought’s escaping 
Home, where my music’s playing 
Home, where my love lies waiting 
Silently for me 

Everyday’s an endless stream 
Of cigarettes and magazines 
And each town looks the same to me 
The movies and the factories 
And every stranger’s face I see 
Reminds me that I long to be 
Homeward bound”

– Simon & Garfunkel describes it so well.


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