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January 22nd, 2014 · Editorial

Cap - Dad's / Jumpsuit - One Teaspoon / Glasses - Modekungen 

It seems like One Teaspoon has become our favourite brand to shoot with. Especially when we decide to shoot after gazing at the ocean for hours on end. Something we are loving about Sydney is the contrast in colors that appear everywhere! Like the blues of the ocean and this white cliff, for example. They make awesome places to photograph.

When our dad was 20 years old he bought this leather cap. That was in the late 70's, and he was living in West India for six months. Imagine how many adventures it has been on! We feel privileged to take it further on the roads of Australia with us. 

Tomorrow, if the weather is good, we plan to take a picnic and go for a long hike along the beaches of Sydney's east (from Bondi to Coogee Beach). Apparently the views are phenomenal, so we are pretty excited!