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Lighthouse 1858


Hat & Belt – Beyond Retro / Dress – Issue 1.3 ◈

This lighthouse stands on the very tip of South Head in Sydney’s east, and marks the point between where Sydney Harbour starts and the Pacific Ocean begins. Built in 1858, it must have helped countless ships enter Sydney safely. The softness of the red and white paint contrasts greatly to the vast expanse of sea that stretches out in front of you. As you look out to the endless blue, where the sky and sea join together on the horizon, you can’t help but realise how big the world actually is. To the left you can see the headland at Manly (somewhere definitely on our bucket-list here in Sydney). 

In our last post we talked about how important it is to get lost (on purpose) in a new city. We would have to say this is also true when it comes to bars and clubs… the locals really do know best! So armed with a crumpled piece of paper with a few names of Sydney hotspots written down, tonight we set out to get lost, yet again.


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