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Zulu & Zephyr


◈ ◈◈ Dress – Zulu & Zephyr / Glasses – Zero UV ◈ ◈◈

Getting up at 5:00am usually sounds like a nightmare for both of us. However, we were told it was best to get up early and do the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. So, braving the insanity of waking up that early after a night of drinking quite a bit of wine, we set out on the very popular walk that follows the cliff edges from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. It was definitely worth the early rise, as we watched the sun rising from the distance in the Pacific Ocean. To be honest, we could start every day like that.

One thing that we have noticed about the Australian lifestyle compared to the European one is how healthy people here are! We almost got run over by all the joggers, cyclists, swimmers and body builders as they went about their early-morning workouts. We then went and bought two huge chocolate ice creams – as you do…

We did this shoot in the backstreets of Bondi after our walk. This lovely beach dress is from Zulu & Zephyr – a brand that we have been following since way back. They have been such an inspiration for us over the last few years. Their clean lines and fresh colours are so refreshing and you can almost taste the salty water and feel the sun against your skin when you are looking through their Lookbook.

By sheer coincidence, we found out that they actually have their showroom right next door to our office here at FELLT in Surry Hills. We popped in to say hi (like two embarrassing fangirls), and they let us borrow some pieces to shoot with (YAY). The brand is run by two sisters, Candice and Karla Rose, who are equally as beautiful as the pieces they create.


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