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◈ ◈◈ Cape – Black Milk / Shoes – Frye from Henry Kole ◈ ◈◈

When we arrived at the Blue Mountains the first thing we did was dance on the car’s roof to celebrate that the car actually made it to the top of the mountain range. It felt like we arrived at the exact place where Frodo, Aragon and Gandalf wandered in The Two Towers.

Because of the bad weather the fog lay like a blanket on the mountains and we could barley see 10 metres ahead… but that was also the beauty of it. While shooting it almost felt that we were in a fairytale with our own crown made of twigs; the black cape swaying in a fog. We walked up a really small path to find a nice spot. We had no idea about how high up we were because of the fog. Half an hour later, when it cleared up a bit, we saw that we had almost reached the top of the mountain and were about 1000 metres high!

When the night came the fog transformed into some ominous dark clouds, and it got really windy (not the smartest thing to park on a top of a mountain if you want to avoid being blown away). Later on, when we tried to sleep, it felt like someone was attempting to turn our van over. The wind and rain was so powerful that the sides of the van buckled and creaked. As we lay there in the pig-van, like three helpless girls, the storm kept going and going for hours. The next morning we found our table up in a tree. We left with the reminder of how strong the forces of nature are… and how small we really are. Is it obvious that we hardly got any sleep that night?


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