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◈ ◈◈  Dress – Backstage Clothing / Necklace – Swarovski ◈ ◈◈

If we were going to give a name to our little Blue Mountains trip, we probably would call it ”The Lord of the Necklace.” With this scenery and this heavy piece of jewellery, we almost expected some Orks around the corner trying to steal it from us. However, both us and the Orks would have been flushed away because right after this shoot the sky fell down on us and we had to rush back to the car to save the camera and ourselves.

Despite the dangers (both real and imagined) it was worth the risk. This is one of our favourite shoots so far, it was just such a special feeling standing there and see the clouds moving so fast towards us, almost like they were hungry ghosts longing to swallowing us.

Next time we visit the Blue Mountains we are going to check the weather report before leaving, just so we can walk a bit further up to find out if there really was some Orks there. Either way, it was a pretty amazing walk


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