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Narooma & The Milky Way

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Sometimes it can be a little scary to just drive without a plan… but you always reach the most rewarded destinations.

For example, the other day: we drove from Sydney to Melbourne with a (naïve perhaps) plan that we could to drive to Melbourne in one day without stopping. Probably doable if we had woken up before 11:00am.  We have been constantly reminded that Australia is so big and a trip that looks so small on a map actually takes hours and hours to drive.

Around 8pm we had managed about half the way and we were desperate to rest our souls and bodies. So, we turned into the first place we saw and it happened to be this magnificent little oasis of a motel. A lovely lady met us in the doorway and told us in a low voice that we had timed our arrival perfectly with the start of a meditation session. She asked us if we wanted to join. It was like walking directly into paradise. The place smelled like lavender and a positive energy bounced off every wall. We all looked at each other and said that this felt like home, she answered ”this is home”.

After the meditation session we all sat in a circle and talked about life (as you do) and ate corn and bananas that they had grown just around the corner of the house. Seeing as we had grown up with two hippie parents with the same outlook on life, this really did feel like coming home.

The only place we had seen stars and the whole Milky Way so vividly is back in Sweden, in our old forest house.


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