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To wake up here

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omslag profil
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◈ ◈◈  Dress – Spell & The Gypsy Collective / Top – This is First Base / Kimono – Arnhem Clothing ◈ ◈◈

If you’re driving around the Northern Beaches, you’re bound to have driven past a tiny little entrance to a property in Newport, unknown to most. Following it takes you through a forest of bamboo and palms, up an incredibly steep hill and across a small jungle. You then reach some stairs, and at the bottom of those stairs in the most beautiful wooden boathouse.

We were able to stay there over the weekend. To wake up with the waves (literally) one metre from your bed is indescribable. We’ve spent the two last nights in this paradise: cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors, having picnics on the jetty, swimming, paddling on a surfboard and yep, we’ve even tried to fish.

One day, when we ”grow up”, we will own a house like this – a big house with all of our friends living under the same roof. All of our kids running around… There is nothing better then disappear in a daydream like this…


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