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◈ ◈◈ Dress – Armani Exchange ◈ ◈◈

After 4 days of camping with the rain constantly leaking into our van high up in the Blue Mountains, we called our saviours Tony & Delip who both live in Palm Beach – begging if we could sleep on their couch one more night before we hit the road again. They let us sleep in this house instead. Waking up with a view and a pool that seemed to reach out and touch the horizon truly takes your breath away. (Especially after four days without a shower, bed and kitchen). So we washed our dirty hippie clothes and let them rest for a day, took a shower, and hit up this Armani dress instead. These shots we took whilst playing around with the thought of actually living there; lying on the soft pillows, reading a magazine in a beautiful and clean (!) dress. It really felt like we had been born new again.


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