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Crystal blue

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◈ ◈◈ Jumpsuit – vintage / Glasses – Swarovski ◈ ◈◈

Ever so blue and ever so clear…

We’ve been talking a lot about contrast lately, but it’s so important to have contrasts in life. Otherwise, it’s so easy to take things for granted.

And speaking of contrasts… Right now we’re sitting in our van, it’s pouring down outside, we just had dinner (consisting tuna, eggs and 500 g of milk powder for dessert – yum!) and now we have to figure out where to park for the night. A typical day in Mira & Thilda’s life. But let’s talk about the pictures above.

The dusk followed us when we went from Potts Point, Sydney, where we spent our first month in Australia, to Palm Beach and to this amazing house where we spent two weeks with our cousin Marika, Ben, Tony & Dilip. While taking these photos the sky was awash with opal, pink and aquamarines woven seamless together as only Mother Nature knows how. The edge of the pool almost touched the heaven. It was such a perfect afternoon that we will always look back at with a huge smile on our lips.

Tony & Dilip, thank you for that night, we can’t even describe how much we miss you guys!


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