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One and a half months on the road.
This is a visual sum up of people that we have met, festivals we have experienced, beautiful landscapes that we have driven through and towns that we have stayed over night in. Sometimes driving for 10 hours a day, sleeping in parking lots to wake up and just continue driving. Other times we’ve ended up staying in one spot for two weeks, like here in Byron.

Feels like this is our whole life, but at the same time it feels just like one long, long day. In our opinion: To travel is the best thing you can spend your money on. The things you see on the road and the people you meet will change your life for ever. Crossing not only physical roads but mental roads as well. The stories we have heard show us just how vastly different each individual is but how many similarities we all have. In so many ways it shows we are all somehow connected.

To live a life on wheels as we have for the past one and a half months is to be free. We are not tied down anywhere but yet each spot holds a place in our heart. Each day we have had the opportunity to discover and explore not knowing what will come next. Leading us to simple things like spending a night watching the stars on a secluded lookout, where a light house shines in the distance. To dancing the night away until the sun brings a new day, surrounded by hundreds of people doing the same, listening to music and feeling the real vibe of nature.

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