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Minyon Falls

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◈ ◈◈ Feathers – Hoi Polloi ◈ ◈◈

Time flies, we have now spent three weeks in our own little paradise Byron Bay where we initially planned to stay only 4 days. Byron is that kind of a place where you just want to stay longer, longer and longer.

We are driving down south to find a new paradise and hopefully a nice mellow wave to surf. Before we leave the subject Byron we have to tell you about a magic place called The Minyon Falls. A valley of thick green rainforest under a blanket of mist, it was almost like going back 70 million years in time, when the dinosaurs used to rule the world. We stayed  at this spot over the night and got up early to shoot and watch the valley turn from white fog into deep green colors. It is something magical about waterfalls.


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