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The Art Factory

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◈ ◈◈ Shirt – Vintage / Shorts – Black Milk   ◈ ◈◈

After arriving to Byron Bay we tried to find a place to park our car and by accident we ended up in paradise called The Arts Factory Lodge. Backpackers and locals arriving to this paradise get stuck for a long time, some get their own camping place with a big tent and furniture, where they stay for a whole year or more. The hostel offers camping, dorms and a caravan park. We ended up in the caravan park, after spending two days at this hostel we would more or less call this place a village then a hostel, created by the hundreds of people staying here. With its very hippie atmosphere I’ve never felt so inspired. People come from all over the world sharing experiences and life stories. Byron Bay from the beginning was a place of peace and happiness, a bit like the original hippie lifestyle. Over the years Byron has become more and more touristy and commercial, however the Arts Factory has been able to remain this relaxed and happy atmosphere.

At this hostel is a man who ran away at the age of 16 and was raised in the bush of Australia by aboriginals. Now he offers bush-walks around the hostel teaching people how to get clean water in the bush, start a fire with sticks and which plants to eat and which to use as mosquito repellant and more. He does this to raise money to start his own school for aboriginal children raised in the bush so they can get a helping hand when they are put in the same situation as he was.


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