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10.000 meters up in the air


Feathers – Hoi Polloi / Jeans – vintage Levi’s 501 ◈

When you read this post, we will probably be 10.000 meter up in the air.
We are going to spend 36 hours of this weekend on a plane before hitting Swedish ground once again. It’s an amazing thought that you literally can take yourself to the other side of the world while just watching a couple of movies.

We are going to fill the upcoming months with so many adventures; road trips, festivals, friends, picnics, never-ending-nights, french-kisses.. Our bucket list is already too long with things to do before it gets colder in Europe and it is time for us to move on again. Even though it’s indescribable how much we are going to miss this magical country, it feels good to come ”home” again.

Can’t wait to jump into our moms arms, have deep discussions about life with our dad, have huge dinners at our house in the forrest, cuddle with our dog Rut, sit on a mountaintop with our best friends, drink wine and talk about everything and nothing.

Until next time.


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