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A salty sunset


Hat – Lack of Color / Jumpsuit – Kate Moss x Topshop ◈

Wide pants (jumpsuits), big hats and Dulce de Leche (the best ice cream that has ever been made) is all we can think about these days while walking on the sunny streets of Stockholm. It feels like Stockholm has turned into an other city compared to when we flew to Australia in January, escaping the short days and the cold winter winds. That was all about Stockholm for now.

We just have to write a few words about this jumpsuit. As you might know, we’re huge fans of wide pants since way back and when the pants turns into a jumpsuit it’s even better.. There’s something about this simple, classy jumpsuit that just fits perfect. Something we can bike in. Something we can work in, paint in, dance in…. You name it. When we heard about Topshop’s latest collaboration with Kate Moss we just had to see it with our own eyes. And woaa, we ended up with three pieces and after that Topshop visit we have to live on tuna and tomato soup for the rest of the week.. Totally worth it.

We snapped these pictures just before we left Sydney, a sunny afternoon i Bondi. The sun in your eyes, the salty air and the pacific ocean.. Can it get better than that?

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