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A weekend in our crow castle


”There’s no place like home”

Once upon a time, when we were small girls, this forest had everything we ever could dream of.

We have been spending countless of hours in this forest, building up castles of trees and branches, learning how to do the perfect campfire with only two matches, fishing and hiking, we have been fairies and indians in this forest and we were as free as we could be. During the weekends, our mom always baked her own healthy carrot bread and our dad grew vegetables in our garden (…how we wished by then that they just for once could be like ”normal” parents and buy the ”real” bread, meat balls and sausages from the super market). Now, there is nothing in the world that we are more grateful for then just that.

When you have ”nothing” except from your fantasy, your dreams grove in the same rate as the tree tops and the reality can become everything you can imagine.

When we grew older other interests (except being indians in the forest) came up, as they usually do when you see what is out there. Like drinking beer ”down town”, playing football, being up late, boys and everything else that comes naturally when you are getting older. But no matter where in the world we are, this place will always be closest to our hearts.

Thank you mom and dad, for baking that bread and learning us to do that campfire, we sure do appreciate it now and we still like to pretend that we are indians and fairies.
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