Home is wherever your kimonos are, right?


◈  Kimonos – Black Milk / Spell & the Gypsy Collective / Arnhem Clothing / Myee Carlyle 

We felt like we had to charge our inspiration stock with typical Australian things before we’re leaving this magical country for the European summer (…sun chasers). To visit the Blue Mountains again where at the top of our ”to-do-list”. It is something special with places that keep blowing away your mind again, again and again. Here is some snapshots from (…and many more to come) our last (freezing) weekend that already feels like a surrealistic dream.

It is a good thing that we always have the photos to remind us that yes, it did in fact happen.
Blue Mountains, it has been an absolute blast! We still have a heavy cold but we’ve had such a great time..

Until next time!

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