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The calm before the storm


◈ Jumpsuit – Topshop / Bracelet – Swarovski / Bandeau & Bag – vintage / Necklace –  Swarovski

Here is some pictures that we snapped in New Town before we took off into wilderness and right into the eye of the storm and the cold.
We dreamt of a weekend in the beautiful Blue Mountains with creativity and mind blowing views – the view was mind blowing, but the rest.. Brrrr! Apparently Australia can get cold..

We thought that we knew how to do a road trip after 57 days in a van, but when we picked up the new van and arrived to Mount Hay (two hours drive up in the mountains on a really bad road from the town Laura) we realized that we forgot to bring:
1. A blanket (it was approximately +7 °degrees there and even colder during the night..). 
2. It’s a bit embarrassing to write this, but we didn’t bring more then one 1.5 l bottle of water
3. We actually brought a gas cooker, but we forgot the gas
4. A can opener. The only food that we brought was can food, carrots and chocolate (thank God for the chocolate!!!).

We almost survived two nights up in Mount Hay before the headache took over after no sleep and no water.. We’ve read somewhere how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong.. but to feel strong. Anyway, coming back to the civilization feels so damn good right now! But we’ll miss the total freedom of just drive until the road ends and the land meets the ocean or the sky meets the mountains.. It is hard to beat that kind of freedom.

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