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juni 2014


Wild life ahead

As you might already know; we love to live along the roads, to the unknown and to get lost. One day on our road trip we were driving for hours in a huge National Park outside Sydney....


Let´s be mermaids

We where living in a tiny little red wooden house with our cousin for a couple of weeks last summer. The house is located just by a tiny little lake and surrounded by a tiny little forrest. ...



Everytime we see pictures from this genius guy Will Davidson we just wanna jump into his dreamworld with golden sunsets, salty hair and bonfires...


In the jungle

We woke up to the soft sound of waves and I remember that we almost could taste the salty fresh air. We will never forget the days we spent in the most beautiful beach house we know in Palm Beach.....


The big blue

If we could, we would bring all of you with us to the mountains that are drowning in the clouds. It‘s like being in heaven and you get so much respect for how beautiful the earth we are living in are....


Remembering Newtown

Looking back at these images from Newtown in Sydney, awoke something in us, how excited we were, exploring a new city, and how every corner and street where new to us....

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