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Hidden alleyways


Poncho – IXIAH / Pants – ZARA / Necklace – Swarovski / Bracelet – Swarovski / Ring – Swarovski 

We love following our intuition. Buying take away coffee in unexplored corner shops, sit in the evening sun on a sidewalk, strolling around on the streets and be blown away by all the beautiful tiny houses that cover the whole city. This time it brought us to this, a tiny and hidden alleyway in northern Sydney. We took these photos among the last days we spent in Sydney. Since ”winter” (growing up in Sweden with -16 C we could barley call Sydney’s winter a winter) was taking over Australia by then and since we fled most of the European winter, we kind of enjoyed putting on that extra layer of clothes, take that extra cup of tea, having movie nights and putting on the wool socks.

Walking around in this warm coat with a high collar from IXIAH with a glimpse of jewelry from Swarovski, made us feel anonymous in a good way, like we where on a secret spy mission, trying to melt into the crowd and follow the city pulse.

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