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Let´s be mermaids

365_sea_2 365_sea_10 365_sea_9 365_sea_7  365_sea_4

 Dress – Vintage 

We where living in a tiny little red wooden house with our cousin for a couple of weeks last summer. The house is located just by a tiny little lake and surrounded by a tiny little forrest. Together it all looks so damn idyllic so we couldn’t help ourselves sneaking out all the time with our camera in our hand and do tiny photo shoots all the time (haha no just kidding). But this is some pictures from last year that some of you new readers might haven’t seen yet!

We snapped them just outside the house when the rain was pouring down – the Swedish summer is as unpredictable as the wind, one day the heaven is clearly blue and the temperature reach over 30 degrees, the other day it’s 13 degrees and rainy.. But maybe that’s just the charm of it and we’ve never meet people who appreciate the sun as much us Swedes.

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