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Remembering Newtown

365_2 365_3

Jumpsuit & Headpiece – TOPSHOP / Shoes – Frye from Henry Kole / Glasses – ZERO UV 

Looking back at these images from Newtown in Sydney, awoke something in us. All the memories from that exact moment, the smells, the surroundings, even the brazing sun came rushing towards us for a moment. How excited we were, exploring a new city, and how every corner and street where new to us. We remember how we sat on that sidewalk for hours and felt the pulse of the city. Thinking back to those past times naturally stirs up a lot of emotions and really got us thinking. We miss those feelings and got a strong desire to travel again. Through Europe, and we think that our first stop will be a spot that is really close to our hearts. Berlin.

That is the beautifulness with images, that you almost can feel the moment again.

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