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The big blue


Kimono – Spell & the gypsy Collective / Cap – vintage 

At this time you probably already know where these photos are taken and we still got a lot more pictures to show you guys so you better not get tired of this backdrop ha ha..
If we could, we would bring all of you with us to the mountains that are drowning in the clouds. It‘s like being in heaven and you get so much respect for how beautiful the earth we are living in are. As soon as we get some gas and a car, we will get out of the city again and eat dinner with the most beautiful backdrop we know, with the birds as music, the wind in our hair and wonder in our eyes.
The best things in life aren‘t things, in our opinion it is to share moments with people you love (like we did with our cousin Marika that came and visited us in Australia for a few weeks).
Looking back at these moments makes us smile, it is almost like sharing a secret, where the three of us are the only persons that knows exactly how the sun felt on our shoulders, how the rain tasted, how gentle and soft the breeze touched our cheeks.

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