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Wild life ahead


 Top – ZARA / Pants – Lenni the Label / Boots – Frye / Hat – Lack of Color 

As you might already know; we love to live along the roads, to the unknown and to get lost. One day on our road trip we were driving for hours in a huge National Park outside Sydney. It was like the time had been standing still thousands and thousands of years and we were just waiting for a T-Rex to jump out of the forrest. Since we are born in the forest, we love being out in the nature and just walk around in the silence and listen to everything around, how the wind sounds when it reach the leafs (it´s like the best lullaby in the world), the birds having concerts in the trees… yeah, you name it – but this kind of nature beats everything, every single plant is HUGE!

The ferns are like tall trees and some of the trees are so tall that you can´t see the tree crown and we promise that it isn’t only us that like the nature; the snakes, spiders etc loooove it too… It is swedish midsummer today (meaning; the Swedes are dancing around a huge dick in the ground, pretend to be frogs and getting drunk. You guys should Google this, it is a pretty funny sight). We where supposed to do the same thing, but we just booked a flight to Berlin over the weekend… These pants from Lenni are definitely coming with us…

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