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Magic Velvet


Kimono – Myee Carlyle / Boots – FRYE / Necklace – Swarovski 

When we were living in Byron Bay we met the two beautiful ladies who are the founders of Myee Carlyle, if you haven’t checked out this brand yet – you definitely have to. There is something about the people and the fashion labels from Byron. It’s a small town but that little town has such a big soul that it´s hard to put into words. It is a feeling of peacefulness and calmness that lays over that town and the people that we got to know there are just amazing. There’s hidden beaches everywhere, a view that makes you blink an extra time just to make sure that what you have in front of you is real.

As you might see, we took these pictures in the Blue Mountains and since we miss those mountains a lot we’re planning for new road trips and the next destination up will be Iceland. Since we grew up in the forest we love the nature and we are always searching for places with nature to die for, therefore Iceland is a perfect place to get lost in. Can’t wait to walk around on black volcanic soil, swim in hot pools surrounded by ice, see the breathtaking landscape, cuddle with the icelandic horses mmm… If you want to get blown away by something so beautiful that it almost hurts, you have to watch these two documentaries (1 & 2). Our planet is so amazing. It is so hard to imagine that everything exists at the same time. 


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