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Snapper’s Lodge

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Dress – Seafolly / Cap – Vintage / Glasses – Modekungen ◈
We’ve been living on the island Bohus Malmön on the western coast of Sweden for almost three weeks now without any Wi-fi or any connection to our phones, no warm water or showers except the ocean. Sometimes a little escape like this is all you need after some months in a city that never sleeps.Contrasts. We have been sailing at the ocean, sleeping underneath the stars, been eating way to many shrimps and crab fishes and now we’re ready to return back to Stockholm again… But. Since we love adventures we just bought tickets to a festival on the other side of Sweden, Gotland. (life is for adventures, right?), we have been longing for dancing the weekend away together with our cousin Marika, that was living with us in Australia when we snapped these pictures above.

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