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There are moments that we know we will long for even as we live them

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◈ Pictures from the past days on Gotland  ◈

You probably now how much we love to get lost and go to places we never been before. Like this festival we told you about in the recent post. We were driving around for 1,5 hours before we finally found a tiny little arrow that pointed us to the right direction. When we finally arrived it was like heaven on earth. It was at a place they called ”Tajmahalla”, just by a tiny lake.

Even though the festival were pretty small (400 people approx) there where people there from all over the world, we met new friends from Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Paris Iceland and Scotland. It’s hard to describe how good it was in words but this weekend has been beyond our wildest expectations! We hope the pictures will give you a feeling instead. And yes, we built the tipi (for next year we are planning to build a castle haha).

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