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A better connection


There is no wi-fi in the forest, but we promise you that you´ll find a better connection.

It was a rainy and cold morning when we reached the island that we have dreamt of for so long. The island where many of our favorites movies has been recorded, where the nature is so breathtaking that it makes you out of words.

So let us just say, we came there without any expectations at all.. Without having any clue on where to go we started our journey and we didn’t have to drive for long before the mountains were towering up in front of us. It was like being in a fairytale and we wouldn’t have been surprised if an army of orcs from The Lord of The Rings would have come marching out from a mountain or if a dragon came flying off a cliff.

For six days we were just traveling into the wild with two of our best friends, making movies and shooting. Without any connection to the rest of the world. Just us and the nature.

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