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The moon lives in the lining of your skin


 Top – Black Milk / Shorts – Arnhem Clothing

We remember this day so clearly. We had been living in our van in Byron Bay for the last four weeks and it was time for us to leave that beautiful little piece of paradise. The temperature exceeded 30 and for those who didn’t have a van with a proper AC (our van was about 20 years young he he) you needed to stop quite often to take a swim to survive the heat.

We got to know about this healing lake just a short drive from Byron and even though it wasn’t cold enough to cool you down, it was a beautiful experience. The water was dark, so dark brown that you barely could see your own legs under the surface and the water was kind of oily because of all the tea trees growing beside the lake but after taking that bath the skin was smooth as a baby’s skin..tips tips tips for all of you who are living in a old van without a AC close to Byron Bay!

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