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Blackbird fly into the light of the dark black night


 Kimono – Girl On A Vine / Shoes – Vagabond / Bracelets – Swarovski 1, 2 / Necklace – Swarovski 

We snapped these photos just a few hundred meters from where were living in Istanbul, love when you don’t have to do a big effort when you want to take some pictures. You just have to go outside to get inspired among all the colors in the streets of Beyoglu. Right now in Sweden it’s – 10 degrees and we’ve just been outside two times as soon as you take a step outside it feels like our noses is going to freeze off.

But that is a little bit what the day after x-mas is about for us in the north, to cuddle up, drink tea and philosophize over the past year…

Let’s talk a little bit of this kimono above. We discovered Girl On A Vine a couple of months ago, every single kimono is like a piece of art and we are lucky owners of four of them. Can’t wait to show you the rest.

Marry x-mas to y’all

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