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God morning Istanbul


 Kimono – Girl On a Vine / Glasses – Zero UV / Juice – Juica / Necklaces – Nelly / Bracelets – Swarovski

To wake up by the sound from the preyers five in the morning have become natural although we only been here for three days. To jump in our shoes and go to the café and drink turkish tea and watch the life down the streets and then stroll around the streets and discover new cafés and corners is something we could learn to live with every day ; ).

Istanbul compared to Stockholm and the cities we’ve been to in Europe is so much more alive. There is something going on in every corner and it’s people everywhere. After a while you become one with the pulse and you stop thinking of everything that usually fills your mind. We are in love with this city and six days are way to short to be here for, we already want to go back even though we have four more days here to go.

We brought a little bit of Stockholm with us here, more particularly eight liters of juice (not because we thought we would starve, we’re in the capital of falafel and hummus..) just because we’re addicted. Juica is a new acquaintance to us and we’re in love with their juices. Everything is organic and it’s way more than a kilo of vegetables in each juice. As the juice-lovers we are this is like drinking pure gold. In this little yellow one they have put lemon, cayenne pepper (why haven’t we thought about putting cayenne pepper in a juice before?!), agave and ginger. Yuuummmmm


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