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Welcome to fairyland

September 20th, 2014 · Editorial

◈ Jumpsuit - Mister Zimi / Shoes - Vagabond / Head piece - Nelly ◈

Sometimes you find places on earth that just takes you away. When you do, the weather, temperature and all the "most do's" in life doesn't matter anymore. The road from Reykjavik to Gullfoss was one of those places for us.

We were on our way back to our tiny, cosy and typical nordic tree cabin when we passed by this place. The moss that covered the ground was almost glowing because of the rain and the sun that was shining trough the clouds (we saw a dubble rainbow he he). The temperature was around 8°C and even though the weather was shifting in 10 different shades of grey, we couldn't not stop there to run out in the strange, cold weather, feel the moss and take these pictures..

We brought a part of Australia and Bali with us to Iceland, a favorite brand that we fell in love with from the first sight, Mister Zimi.

This jumpsuit is from their SS'15 collection.

September, I think we're ready now

September 3rd, 2014 · Editorial

Jumpsuit - Stylein ◈

Time runs fast these days. We haven't had time to catch our breath after summer with all it's festivals, new meetings and warm breezes. Now it's already September. It's something with the transition between seasons, it takes time to adapt after all the changes. From long and lazy summer days to foggy mornings, naked trees and fading days.

After spending some days at mom's house on the countryside we are getting in the mood for fall with with copious amounts of tea, socks and comfortable clothes.

Within a week we are heading to the land of fairytales, Iceland.

September, I think we're ready for you now.

Happy birthday babycake

August 27th, 2014 · Editorial

Ever since we started 365, almost four years ago, my title of Thilda's birthday post have remain the same, so why begin with something new?

The time is flying and when I'm looking back in our archive I can't believe that we have done so many beautiful things together within just one year. We visited Berlin six times, Monaco, Paris, Australia and in 10 days we're climbing mountains (...or the car will do most of the work for us) in Iceland and then in the beginning of October we're going back to Berlin again.

Since we are spending most of our waking hours together (working, living, drinking, exploring new cities, meeting new people and eating together), we now have so many memories together, and it feels so damn good to have this blog as a reminder of what we have done, and to have you guys as our biggest support. That's the best gift in the world.

So happy birthday my love, the other half of 365, my sister, my best friend, the other half of my book club, my partner in crime, my traveling partner and the only one I know that loves falafel more than I do.

Keep clear

August 21st, 2014 · Editorial

 Pants - Lenni the Label / Jacket - vintage / Boots - FRYE

Here is some snapshots from the sunset in China Town, Sydney.

PS. Do we even have to tell you have comfortable these pants from Lenni the Label are?