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Walking around in a treasure

January 21st, 2015 · Editorial

◈ Kimono - Girl On A Vine / Dress - Rowie / Boots - Ash / Belt - Rodebjer ◈

We've always had a thing for kimonos.. Short kimonos, long kimonos, kimonos with fringes, colorful kimonos, black ones.. You name it. Girl On A Vine rock the kimono world and if we could we would add a kimono in every color to our collection. To walk around is this piece above is like walk around in a treasure.


January 21st, 2015 · Editorial

◈ Dress - Missguided / Jumpsuit - Lace & Whisky  / Headpiece - Nelly ◈

When our parents was at the age of 24, they bought an old school in the forrest and moved from Stockholm to the countryside to live a life where they could grew their own vegetables and not be depended of the society and that was where we grew up. We have had the luxury of almost always having ecologically vegetables, eggs and milk from our neighbors. Back then we didn't really appreciate it as much as we do now days, we wanted "normal" bread from the fabric, not home baked bread, we wanted milk from the supermarket that didn't taste like cow etc etc. We could kill for some of mum's bread now...


January 16th, 2015 · Editorial

◈ Blazer - H&M / Jeans - Levi's 501 / Bracelet - Swarovski / Bathing suit - Nelly 

We have been home for three days now and we're already looking for trips somewhere new.. Wouldn't mind somewhere where it is a bit warmer and the days are lasting for more then six hours (oh little sun, would you mind to show your beautiful face again, just for an hour or two?). Sweden is a beautiful country but a damn cold one. We snapped these pictures from our hotel room in Istanbul, if you are looking for a place to stay, this hotel was perfect.

The world of Cleobella

January 8th, 2015 · Editorial

◈ Kimono - Cleobella / Dress - Rowie / Boots - Ash / Belt - Rodebjer 

Four of our favorite brands in one picture. We found Cleobella a few months ago, the LA based label makes kimonos to die for, and since we're huge fun of kimonos we're in love with everything they put up with.

Then we have Rowie. Rowie is based in Byron Bay, our favorite little town that me miss way to much (can't believe it's almost a year since the time we lived there in our van). This little short black dress have been following us on so many nightly adventures, it's perfect in so many ways: the length, design etc etc.

Then we have Rodebjer, Carin Rodebjer, who started the brand is living in New York (but originally from Sweden). And THE boots from Ash.

Right now we're in Marikas Berlinish-apartment in Kreuzberg and eating brekkie, wishing that our last days here could go by in slowmotion.. It's always like this. We never get done with this city and we're always longing for coming back when we're not here. Maybe because we do so many things during the days and nights. Tonight we're having a surprise party for our cousin at a bar, followed by a night out at a club that was a swimming pool back in the time, and if we've energy enough, we'll do a photo shoot early in the morning.