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Rainbows and waterfalls

October 19th, 2014 · Editorial

 Jacket - Notion 1.3 / Skirt - Wildfox / Shoes - Vagabond 

That tickling feeling filled with both fear and fascination when you're standing on a cliff and you know that if you take one step further you will fly for a few seconds before you suddenly hit the ground.

One afternoon, when the sun finally showed up and colored the grass to golden we went to a water fall called Gullfoss, a few minutes drive from the cosy tree cabin we were staying at. Since it had been raining for a couple of days the sun filled the humid sky with rainbows.. We counted to at least five rainbows that evening, looking back now it seems so surreal, almost like a fairytale.

Iceland is a fairyland for sure.

Kloster Chorin

October 17th, 2014 · Editorial

 Pants - Mister Zimi / Top - Backstage / Shoes - Vagabond 

After our morning filled with scones and champagne (prosecco for 2 bucks from Lidll) the five of us went apple picking one hour from Berlin to celebrate the fall!

Fall party is a pretty new thing for us, a party to welcome and celebrate the upcoming season with the ones you love. So there we were, eating as many apples we could (together we came up in a number of 13...) and saved the ones we didn't eat for later to pies, creams and juices..

After the apple picking we went to this amazing place, The Kloster Chorin. Behind this old building there was an amazing lake that almost looked surreal and a beautiful and old cemetery. It's something peaceful with klosters, churches and cemeteries. Love to just walk around there and listen to the sound of silence and peacefulness..

One day in Berlin

October 15th, 2014 · Travel

As you might already know, Berlin will always have a special place in our hearts. Our cousins, Marika and Viktor have been living there for almost two years now and we are coming as often as we can to visit. This time we went with our friend Johanna (who are living with us in our studio in Stockholm).

There are so many reasons why Berlin is so close to our hearts, for us it's like coming home in a city that we don't know yet and love to get lost in.
They have the best of the best falafel there (believe us, we have been eating A LOT of falafel) and you can buy it for 50 cent. One other thing is that the clubs there are so good that you don't wanna go sleep from thursday-monday.

Someday we would love to live there for more then just week every now and then.

This time we filled our days with brunches (...the smell of new baked scones is hard to beat, and when you are having a brunch you are allowed to drink champagne instead of coffee for brekkie), went apple picking, went to Beelitz, Berghain ( ) tried out all the bars around Wrangelstrasse and one other abandoned place that we'll show you later on.

It was a hell of a rock n' roll week and we can't wait until next time!

A world full of color with Lumia

October 9th, 2014 · Travel

Sometimes life gives you cookies.

Like that day when we received an email from Microsoft and Lumia when they invited us to come to Venice and spend to days of shooting with one of our biggest idols, Stephen Alvarez, the photographer of National Geographic. If we said yes?! So, after seven days in Berlin we jumped in a plane directly to Berlin, without sleeping at all (you are only young once, ha ha) and what can we say.. It have been two of the most inspiring, hectic and beautiful days of our life so far. And to get to know Lumia, that is Nokia's newest phone was simply amazing. All the photos above are taken with that phone and we must say that we will leave our Canon at home for a while from now on.

Thank you Lumia for having us.