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July 16th, 2014 · Travel

We´ve spent the last week in the forest in the north of Sweden at a festival called Gagnef. Gagnef have everything we wish for in a festival, it´s a mix between children and adults, live band and techno, art and secret parties in the forest. We´ve been dancing so much that it still hurts in our legs and have so many hours of lack of sleep but life is for creating memories and hang out with the people you love.
Want to spend the rest of our lives in the sunset at festivals..

Now we´re off for the west coast to live on an island and eat heaps of crab fishes, shrimps and the salty air.

Ohh little moon, can you tell us where to go?

June 27th, 2014 · Travel

Dress - Bambi Collective / Necklace - Daughter of the tribe / Crystals - For Good Luck 

Some snapshots from Stockholm. We are currently living in the most beautiful apartment in south of Stockholm for a couple of weeks to take care of two small guinea-pigs (okey, one of them is pretty fat..). We have to show them for you later, they are SO cute! The nights are we spending with planning new adventures like the restless souls we are.

Next escape will be to a festival in the forrest a couple of hours away from Stockholm, after that we'll go to Warsaw, and then maybe Istanbul and of course to Berlin before the summer turns to autumn. Life is for adventures, right?

we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

June 4th, 2014 · Travel

Just a few days before we where about to fly to Australia we had a dinner with our parents, and when we where about to leave, we saw dad‘s jacket from the 70‘s...
And somehow it kind of jumped into our bag and came with us to Oz.
It is a good thing that our parents are our biggest supporters and the nicest people we know, otherwise would this hippie jacket been missing out on so many adventures. Like that morning when we woke up to the tunes of our french friend Jez guitar and ate a typical french brekkie on the parking lot (coffee with 6 spoons of sugar and cookies). Or that day when we where laying in that pink bus for hours, eating 5 bux pizza, with some friends we just meet after a night filled with dance and laughter.

Or that getaway over the weekend in the mountains (when we forgot to bring blankets, gas, can opener and slept in all the clothes that we had brought with us). It was that weekend we snapped this photo above, surrounded by nothing else but pure nature and beauty..

Wild horses in the backyard

June 2nd, 2014 · Editorial

Dress - Spell & the Gypsy Collective 

When we were small kiddos we grew up on the horse back and even though we haven't been riding for many, many years now, we still love to hang out with these magical and beautiful animals.. There is something with the silence and the peacefulness in a paddock that brings us to the present. We can spend hours in silence, just laying in the grass and watch how the sun flirts with the earth.